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February 3, 2009

Life …. in four photos

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Just got this in email forward ….

First Pic

Break of Dawn — New lease of life, embarking upon a New Voyage……
A Child Flying Kite — Young Blood, Aspiring to Fly High with Enormous Zest n Zeal…Coz U Know, Sky is The Limit……
A Small Tree — Need to Nurture…….
Two Birds Hovering Above — There r People Around to Take Ample Care of You, You r Actually Carefree…….

Second Pic

Daylight — You r Almost Halfway Through in This Voyage Called Life…..
Couple — You Have a Better half of Yours to Lean Upon n Speak Your Heart Out to……
Grown-up Tree — You Have Been Nurtured Profusely to Stand Tall n Rigidly in The Storms That May, Otherwise, Let U Down…….. .
A Small Tree — You, Together With Your Better half, Have Given a New Lease of Life to Another Breaking Dawn (Your Child)………
One Bird Hovering Above — There r Comparatively Less People around You to Take Care of You, Unlike during Your Wonder Childhood Years…….

Third Pic

Fall of Dusk — Twilight is setting Upon, Life Has Come a Full Circle….
An Old Man — It’s a Race Against Time Now On, It’s The Beginning of The End of The Voyage……
Ageing Tree — Signifies The Above Two Things, Second One Being The Personification of This……..
Grown Tree — Your Kids Have Grown Up; It’s High Time You Start Supporting Them With Tender Care Rather Than Clashes……….
One Bird — Self Explanatory, I Guess???
Grave — In Course of The Voyage You Have Lost Loved Ones n You Also Start to Anticipate Your Ultimate Fate n Destiny……….

Fourth Pic

Nightfall — Voyage is Over, Darkness is Looming Over, High Time to Say Good Bye….
Starry Sky — There’s Still Happiness Around, Thanks to The Aesthetic Memories Left by You n The Good Work Done Too….. .
Grown-up Tree — Your Kids r Walking in Your Shoes now, It’s For Them to Follow Your Footsteps Drawing Inspiration From Your Exemplary Life..
Grave With Two Crosses — You r United with Your Soul mates n RIPS……..


August 20, 2008

Most difficult things in life ….

The three most difficult tasks in life are neither physical feats not are they intellectual achievents.
Rather they are moral acts :
1. To return love for hate
Cool thought ….. I was exactly opposite and if someone used to hate/dislike me, I will almost and always ignore that person and would not try to change his opinion about me.
Need to go further steps ahead and would certainly try to change the opinion of those people who used to hate/dislike me.
2. To include the excluded
Hmmm … havenot encountered this much ….. May be most of the times i was being excluded 😉
so guys do remember —  i’m expecting to be included next time 🙂
3. To say, “I was wrong”
Yeah …. cultivating this habbit …. there are lots of wrongs and few rights ……
so atleast admitting that i was wrong is big couragious ……  have started this …
will admit few more mistakes which are done in past ..

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