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September 29, 2008

All your base are belong to us …

Google has launched the Project 10^100 (โ€Project 10 to the 100thโ€) to mark their 10th birthday;
a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.
The price is around some $200,000 per idea. (they are selecting 5 ideas for $1 Million)

As they have already touched upon most of our daily habits and tracked us completely.

They can go ahead and take following ideas to own us completely ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Worldwide Google Security number agency (something like Social Security Number)
    – Run Spy Agency  (They already know many more things about us than probably we know about ourselves)
    – Visa/Passport Agency
    – Start Television channels (They already have satellite)
      I’m sure they can definitely run targeted ads on Set-Top boxes
    – Start Hospitals
    – Start schools (All kind of)
    – Start building military applications and appliances
    – Provide alternate Energy source and make money
    – Run a full fledged financial institution (World needs few more players in this zone — after the current debacle)
        catering to banking needs
        investment needs
        credit authority
        ….and so on
    – Start something on geologists and geophysicists
        First target to find oil mines
    – Start film production house (producing all type of films including adult movies)
    – Start a Soft+Hard Drink manufacturing company
    – And many more …………..

Please check the 10^100 original announcement here.

Please feel free to add your ideas here …. (I assure that I’ll share prize money ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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September 11, 2008

Technology glitch brings UAL stock down

I was going through slashdot and one bizzare incident was reported on it.

Google’s news tracker/crawler, fetched a news from some old reprint of an article from Dec 2002 when United Airlines was on the verge of bankruptcy.

United airlines later on managed to get out of the situation after that.

However google crawled it as latest news since the reprint did not mentioned about any of the date.

Soon every other news reader/aggregators grabbed this incorrect information from google’s news and soon started spreading this news across market.

After some time this news appeared on Bloomberg and the stock price of UAL dropped to $3.00 from the opening price of $12.50. Trading was suspended after that.

And after clearing the doubts stock prices rose back to around $10.00 which is still lesser than the actual opening price.

UAL 8 sep 2008 fiasco due to incorrect news

UAL 8 sep 2008 fiasco due to incorrect news (Source yahoo finance)

Google cannot be blamed for this mistake. But some people might have jumped the gun as soon as the news appeared on Bloomberg and started selling off their stock. People should get into a habit of checking news and then taking financial decisions.
Thought the incident clearly shows the power of internet in todays world.

Few smart people would have made money after checking the authenticity of the news and riding on the fall or rise ๐Ÿ™‚

How does it affect any other market ?

I was wondering whether these features can be manipulated to rigg stock prices up and down ?

If someone creates a news site where he artificially creates/modifies/brings older news back to current threads about certain stocks where he wants to manipulate for his benefits.

That opens another possible rigging opportunity for operators/manipulators in market.

Or to avoid these kind of situation should news crawlers try not to crawl news without timestamps ?
Or should there be a need for moderators before news gets published/indexed by crawlers ?

We all know that there are other ways of manipulation in stock markets and we seriously do not wish to add another possibility of manipulation.


Slashdot news : Automated news crawling evaporates $1.14B

Wallstreet:ย ย  UAL story blame is placed on computer

Atlanta business chronicle : Google crawler, clicks may have pushed 2002 UAL bankruptcy story to top

September 4, 2008

Browser War: Microsoft IE8 Vs. Firefox Vs. Google Chrome (or Google OS?)

Its quite logical move from google where they have come out with their own version of browser (Google Chrome) after looking at the features of MS IE8 and possible threat to its advertising revenue.

Internet explorer enjoys 60-70% of browser market share due to its strong presence in OS.
Mozilla/Firefox enjoys close to 20-25% (or more) of market share
And remaining browsers (Opera, Safari) enjoy the remaining share.

Chrome is out in market and it will face the similar problems which Mozilla is facing.
(Most of the people are happy with their built-in (/pre-shipped) browser with OS (Read: Microsoft Internet Explorer)

So probably what it will do is, eat Mozilla share of browser market, and mozilla foundation looks amazed with the timing of the announcement of chrome.

Mozilla CEO’s thoughts on chrome:

Mozilla’s Europe president, Tristan Nitot does not think chrome as direct attack on Firefox

However I seriously think this announcement as threat to firefox as the only place Chrome will eat browser share is Firefox.

(As mentioned above normal users are happy with their pre-shipped browser.)

About IE8 — yeah in my previous post i mentioned how it can create problems for online advertising (Inprivate Blocking mode)

Chrome seems to be the answer to that threat … It allows advertising …
Obvious since google does not want to cut Advertising Revenue ๐Ÿ˜‰

It gives option to block pop-ups though …. (since google yet does not have pop-ups ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

But to me it looks like google has secret agenda with Google chrome.

It looks a like a platform for OS Wrapper … where normal user do not need to switch to other applications if he is using google chrome …. Google will soon start providing all basic needs of surfer inside the chrome browser itself.

(remember they are already building/launched apps for desktop, word processing, presentations, editing, email, chat)

All google need to do is provide all these things together in google chrome.
They are already giving Google Gears, using which i would not be surprised if people start distributing web softwares as offline installable applications which can be run through the Chrome browser.

Browser war is heating up …. are you party to it ?

I’ve been using following browsers

(IE7, Firefox 3 and 2, Opera, Safari, Netscape and now Chrome)

Chrome is multi-process, multi-tabbed browser whereas FF tries to provide lean efficient experience with single process and IE8 tries to provide smoother browsing experience by creating multiple instances of iexplorer.exe.

What it means that if something goes wrong in one tab of Chrome, other tabs will keep working properly.

IE it may happen if other tabs are handled by other instance of iexplorer.exe
And firefox may crash the entire process.

I’ve experienced memory utilisation is sometimes bad for all browsers (sometimes pathetic)

My experience with Chrome is as follows:

I’ve installed chrome yesterday and faced few issues with it.
Almost wasted 20-30 mins to figure out why it was throwing some weird errors like following.
— the application failed to initialise properly (0xC0000005). Click ok to terminate the program

The reason for above error is due to Microsoft XP Pro + SP3, Symantec Endpoint Protection and Chrome running together.

The temporary workaround is disable sandbox mode of chrome by running chrome with additional option “–no-sandbox” (without quotes) — check here

Post that its running strictly OK for me …

  1. It has already crashed few times .. and i had to restart the browser
  2. My laptop’s scroll-down from mousepad works fine … but scroll-up does not work
  3. Few sites do not open in chrome (need to figure this out — this may not be problem with it)ย 

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