Ranjeet Walunj

July 30, 2008

Samay Hot Balwaan ….. (Time is the most Potent and powerful ! )

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Was reading a book by Va. Pu. Kale, where he has given one nice story.
(Supposedly taken from talks by Osho on Kabeer. VaPu was an avid follower of Osho (Rajneesh))

We all have heard about a saying “Samay Hot Balwaan” (Time is the most superior/Powerful thing; everything else is secondary).

Origin of the saying is from a Doha of Kabir (We generally do not know the complete doha.)
Here it is:

“Manushya nahin hot Balwaan, Samay hot Balwaan;
Bhillan Luti Gaupika, wahi arjun wahi baan.”

Other Variant:

“Manushya kadi balwaan nahi; Samaya sab se balwaan
Kaabe Arjuna lutiyo; Wahi dhanush wahi baan”

Literal meaning of this doha is as follows:
“Man is not powerful, Time is powerful;
Bhils (tribe from central india See wiki) stole Gopikas, Inspite of Arjun being there with his Arrows”
(Quiver Gandiv + Arrows)

This is actually based on a story from Mahabharata.

After the great mahabharat war was over, Bhagwaan Srikrishna got involved in solving the differences between the Yaadawas.
(Infact Yadawaas actually fought with each other and many were killed in that internal fight.)

Once everything was settled Bhagwaan Srikrishna knew that his Avataar is coming to an end and he goes to the Jungle for final days.
He gets hit on his toe and is wounded badly. Upon hearing this Arjun wants to meet him and along the way he is joined by few Gopikas who also want to meet Krishna.

Naarad Muni meets Arjun on the way and advises him that under any circumstances “Do Not touch Lord Krishna”.

Arjun is bamboozled but he decides to believe and obey Naarad Muni as he is a respected figure from Swarga Loka.

Lord Krishna is very pleased to see Arjun and invites him to give him hug. Arjun refuses to touch Krishna (remembering the advise by Naarad Muni.)
Lord Krishna is amused but he understands that Naarad had met Arjun on the way.

Lord Krishna then requests Arjun; “At least scratch my wound with the Arch if not hand”.
Arjun obliges to the request as he sees no harm in this request.

On their (Arjun + Gopika) way back, they get attacked by Bhils and Arjun is defeated by them inspite of having the Gandiv and title of the best archer of all times.

The reason he gets defeated because Lord has taken his ‘Shakti’ (Power) back as Arjun’s role on earth is also coming to an end and not longer he needs to have the same prowess as earlier. 🙂

The above doha speaks about the same concept. (Time is the most potent and powerful)


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